As the technology editor at VICE News, I report on the nexus of Silicon Valley, politics, and power. I help out with the technology coverage of VICE News Tonight on HBO, on which I can occasionally be seen. I have worked at VICE News since August 2016.

More recently, I've focused on Facebook, Russian government efforts to influence the 2016 election, and Silicon Valley's political agenda in the Trump era. I have written major stories with exclusive details on the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative's political spending, rampant election law violations on Facebook, Democratic legislation to regulate Silicon Valley, and the crisis at the New America Foundation after the firing of a prominent Google critic.

Here is my VICE News author page, and here are some more highlights:

  • Helped make this VICE News Tonight piece about how's Facebook's instinct to move fast and break things has put it in the hot seat in Washington.
  • Hosted and wrote a segment on VICE News Tonight about a proposal from Twitter shareholders to turn the company into a user-run cooperative. Here's the accompanying article I wrote about it.
  • Broke the news of Google employees confronting senior executives at an all-hands meeting about the company's perceived lack of action around Trump's harsh immigration and refugee bans.
  • Explained how Tesla's stock is wildly overpriced, and that there are investors paying millions of dollars in fees on bets that the electric carmaker will fail.
  • Hosted and co-wrote a video on how Uber drivers on Pittsburgh feel about sharing the streets with the ride-hailing startup's new self-driving cars — which Uber's leadership has said will eventually replace its drivers. Here's my piece about the experience of actually getting behind the wheel of a self-driving car.
  • Outlined the antitrust implications for Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods.
  • Published a video of a teenaged Stephen Miller — the senior White House adviser — arguing that the U.S. military should torture its enemies (as torture is a "celebration of life") while fighting Saddam Hussein in the Iraq War.
  • Reflected on the life, career, and legacy of Roger Ailes.
  • Revealed that when Scott Pruitt effectively fired top EPA science advisers, he did so against the recommendations of his own staff.